Sedna in Astrology and Demi Lovato


As a learning astrologer, trying to understand each planet’s role is pivotal in understanding the person’s personality, but there are planets and points whose ambiguity plays on your frail nerves. Such points and planets are very vague in their functions; usually they are the newly discovered. One of these newly discovered planets and points are Lilith and Sedna. Lilith and Sedna are well known modern insertion to astrology. A lot of researches have been done them, still, I find them ambiguous(as many of you do to). So I had to do my own research.

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Anglina Jolie; Saturn/Sun/Neptune aspect.


Angelina Jolie is the perfect example of a Saturn/Neptune/Sun aspect. The actress who has grown to be peace spokesperson, humanitarian had a difficult life in the past. Young Angelina Jolie had gone through years of tense father/daughter relationship, self-injuring, failing romances. All of these things are explained through the malefic combination of Sun conjunct antiscia Saturn opposite her Natal Neptune.

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Marilyn Monroe told by the stars.

I wrote before on Astrologyweekly forum about the antiscia in natal chart. I went back to repost my post here. I had Marilyn Monroe’s natal chart in my chart case and I decided to cast her antiscia chart so as to explain the tragic life that she had. The reason I have done Marilyn’s interpretation because her story is fascinating, a worldwide mystery.

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