Uranian Astrology: Zeus/Kronos and leadership

astrolkronIn these up-coming series of articles, we will be exploring Uranian Astrology and the meaning of  each Trans-Neptunian planets. We will also examine the connection between trans Neptunian to each other and to personal planets in the birth chart, and the powerful effects it results on the individual’s life. In the first attempt to study Uranian astrology, I decided to uncover the meaning between a repetitive pattern seeing in the chart of world leaders and presidents. This pattern,I am referring to,is the Zeus/Kronos aspect.

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Understanding Aries.


In this series of articles, we attempt to explore the importance of each signs in Astrology and why its existence matters. And by asking the question what if Aries existed not? we are exploring what imbalance caused by the absence of this sign. Therefore, its importance.

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Duad/12th Harmonic charts interpretation

After posting my Duad/12th harmonic article yesterday, I thought I could post another one  to show the accuracy of the 12th harmonic.By interpreting famous figures of our history, I have been reassured on the unique insights of the 12th harmonics. It explained why many people’s life were directed or focused on certain things, and why they have been characterized by certain traits.


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The 12th Harmonic, your Secondary Self

twelfthharmoncDo you know the 12th harmonic? I guess some might say yes, some might say no. The Twelfth Harmonic charts are advanced astrological method-and part of modern astrology sector. As a brief intro, Harmonic astrology is a detailed interpretation of energies-Where we break down an energy from a natal aspect to a chart- But Harmonic astrology is another talk for another day. I want to concentrate on the twelfth harmonic in this article, which is considered the secondary self.

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Zayn Malik, Beauty Configurations and Asteroids


He has been on my mind lately: Zayn Malik has driven the world crazy. Both boys and girls seems to fallen for the dreamy beauty of this sensational teen star.As a follower of stars-I mean celebrities- and a curious astrologer, I decided to investigate the appeal of Malik, the astrological configuration which makes him so attractive.

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Fixed Stars: Alioth; the dark horse of virgo.


I decided to write about my dark horse, Alioth. I am no expert in Fixed stars because there haven’t been a lot of intense studies on them. So I didn’t have the chance to deepen in fixed stars. We only have what traditional astrology had to say about them. Nevertheless, Fixed stars are important and usually explain events, and people. In this concise word article I’ll talk about a personal fixed star in my birth chart.

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