Understanding Aries.


In this series of articles, we attempt to explore the importance of each signs in Astrology and why its existence matters. And by asking the question what if Aries existed not? we are exploring what imbalance caused by the absence of this sign. Therefore, its importance.

The artificial lifestyle had resulted in a complete separation from the raw natural self expression to one dedicated by social conventions. Thus, human beings become merely puppets played with by the hands of the social norms in the way they act and react to their environment. The Aries energy embodies self expression divorced completely from what the society compels of certain social behaviors on its subjects. Thus, it is a purely natural being. Therefore, the peasant, the adventurer, the wild life explorer are all Aries.

Like a child, the first born zodiac sign is the one of all zodiac signs with the basic need to move about, to explore and to follow impulses. Consequently, rules and conventions strikes as the number one enemy to Aries’ basic need and thus Aries would feel suffocated. In fact, most of Aries struggle to maintain social niceties, and rather prefer loneliness or the exploration of wild life in which fabricated norms exist not. Thus, people might mistaken these authentic individuals as shy or anti-social.

The Aries energy reminds us of a nature we had long rejected due to social domestication. An instinctual nature. Most people nowadays when making decisions follow society standards, taking into consideration more the consequences of their action on their surroundings than the good outcomes their actions might bring to them. That’s why Mars,the ruling planet of Aries, falls in Libra. People with this position suffers from delayed action and deliberated decision making. They over evaluate their actions by examining their impact on their relationship or their social identity. Therefore, they always make decisions to fit their social image and maintain their social relationship. Aries do not. They follow their instincts and impulses without considering what impacts their actions result in. This considers to be advantage to individual in a position demanding quick decision making. Therefore, Aries are go getter and trailblazers. Just do it logo fits Aries the most.

Obeying to natural instincts and impulses considers healthy to our human nature. In fact, it connects us to more of an authentic self expression and identity. On the other hand, dwelling much to what society favors or favors not renders us to “crippled individuals” with a non authentic self expression. So Aries places an important role in the sense it liberates us from society and asks us to embrace our impulses, commit to an action and just do it.

To get what we want sometimes we accept to be labeled as selfish. However, is it really wrong to go after what we want? In the Aries perspective, the answer is no. As a highly individualistic and impulsive people, Aries  give up not to think of what people call them. When the prize call for Aries, they launch like a vehicle with no break to get what they want. This Aries selfishness can be rewarding. In fact, self-confident in ourselves grow as we are able to pursue our goals with no holding back to reflect on what other might think of us.

Aries represents a tremendous life energy a creative energy, a fire that that burns all the obstacles to start fresh and new. The Sun rejoices in Aries. Without the impulsive energy of Mars, we would not be able to raise above adversaries and assert our identity. Aries/Mars bestows us with a vigorous and robust physical and mental strength. The more we connect to nature, impulse, and authentic life style, we benefit our mental and physical health.

Our teacher Aries asks us to listen to our impulses, gut feelings, to instincts. And by doing so, we are allowing a more authentic and independents self to emerge. Teacher Aries asks us to place not a large importance on fabricated to social norms and always listen to your heart and remember who you are among others. Teacher Aries ask us to let our inner child wander and explore, rejoice in physical activity and let yourself unbound. Aries ask us to rejoice in the “I”.


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