the Orlandoo Shooting and Mars conjunct Pluto.

The Orlando Shooting had led to great losses, and an uproar. The accident has woken me up and had gotten my interest not just because I’m a Muslim, but also because I’m interested why Omar Mateen committed such massacre?


The reason that lead Omar to commit such crime because he was repressed homosexual. Before I’ve read the article in Nydaily newsNydaily news about Omar’s sexuality, I have predicted earlier that he was a repressed homosexual. I’ve posted in an astrological facebook page,while discussing his chart, that Omar had Astrological evidence of violence and homosexuality.



First, we are going to discuss Mars conjunct Pluto:

Omar’s mars is in Aquarius and conjunct Pluto by antiscia. Therefore, his chart had Mars conjunct Pluto as a hidden aspect.  If you are familiar with astrological aspect, you know that Mars conjunct Pluto is a dangerous aspect. There has been many articles written about these combo. My favorite is Astrology Arena Mars/Pluto

Mars is our anger, the capacity of violence and aggression. Pluto is extremity and intensity. Pluto said to be Mars multiplied by ten, the higher octave of Mars. With Mars joined with Pluto , our capacity to commit violence and destruction is even greater than usual.

When Pluto is joined with Venus, sexuality, money are used as a weapon to exercise one’s willpower over others. When Pluto joined with the Mercury, words are used as a weapon to exercise one’s power and domination over others. When Pluto is joined with Mars, physicality, anger, weapons, are used to exercise one’s power over others. And this is why Pluto/Mars is considered dangerous. This is a common aspect of  bully, predator, serial killers, terrorists and sometimes victims.

The reasons behind Mars/Pluto people’s anger extremity and intensity are that::

Pluto uses the planets as it vassal to channel its power . Pluto usually makes us obsessed about that planet by making us feel inadequate somehow. Whereas the Sun Pluto feels vulnerable when it it comes to their identity and their ego, the Mars/Pluto feels vulnerable when it comes to self assertive and masculinity issues. Pluto operates  domination through the planet. Sun Pluto ends up with overbearing, dominating ego, whereas Mars/Pluto ends up with extremity in anger, masculinity and self assertion to the point of being a bully.

Mars/Pluto person undergoes a series of traumatic physical, emotional or verbal abuse in their childhood, a point in their life when they are very vulnerable-unable to voice their anger and rage. The person represses the abuse unconsciously, and as they grow older the repression turns into anger and destruction of one’s self and others.

It is noticeable that Mars rules sexual impulses and primal, carnal urges. Mars/Pluto is generally a common aspect in homosexual because Pluto rules taboos, secrets, shame and guilt. Long homosexuality has been viewed a taboo or shame (pluto). People with this aspect tend to hide (pluto) their sexual urges (mars) as they feel it is dark and inappropriate (pluto).  With Mars/Pluto, Sexuality, or sexual desires (mars) are hidden (pluto) or viewed as a taboo (pluto).

In addition to Mars/Pluto, Omar had Sun opposite Moon square Mars. Sun opposite Moon is the combo of conflict between parents, split of personality, indecisiveness, confusion, need for balance. The combination is in square with Mars which lead to hostile environment growing up, adds to restlessness and negative energy build up in Sun/Moon aspects. All of these, Sun opposite Moon square Mars and conjunct Pluto, are strong factors of violence.

Let’s not forget that Sedna is present in Mars/Pluto combination. Sedna as we stated before is the symbol of deep unconscious hatred, anger and vengeance. Sedna is complicated and dark, adding to an already dark combo like Mars/Pluto is quite dangerous. Marina from Darkstarastrology stated that Sedna is common in chart of serial killers, and predators.

It is noticeable to say that Mars-ruler of his sun sign- is now in Scorpio retrograde. Omar’s had a strong Mars. His Mars square the Sun and possibly the Moon too. Mars conjunct Pluto makes Mars a prominent planet in the birth chart as Pluto intensifies any planets it touches. So the Mars Retro triggered him for sure.

More to come about Omar’s chart when a proper birth time is available.


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