Sedna in Astrology and Demi Lovato


As a learning astrologer, trying to understand each planet’s role is pivotal in understanding the person’s personality, but there are planets and points whose ambiguity plays on your frail nerves. Such points and planets are very vague in their functions; usually they are the newly discovered. One of these newly discovered planets and points are Lilith and Sedna. Lilith and Sedna are well known modern insertion to astrology. A lot of researches have been done them, still, I find them ambiguous(as many of you do to). So I had to do my own research.

sednaSedna and Lilith, according to astrologer, represent rejected female, intense relationship with patriarch, and deep unconscious operating energies. First, Sedna and Lilith have always represented great feminine energy, usually dark feminine energy-either exiled or rejected from society or self. Lilith’s story hints to a rejected female due to forbidden sexual impulses or forbidden sexuality, whether with Sedna the reasons are ambiguous-due to different myths, but mainly it is rejected from the patriarch or the male authority. Secondly, Lilith and Sedna are two energies that are repelled by the male energy. They are also good at provoking the male energy whether sexually or emotionally. Lilith is the man-hatred, independent, untamed feminist energy, whilst Sedna is the rebel against the male authority figure such as the father or a man in authority. Thirdly, the deep unconscious energy that they carry is magnificent. Such energy is unexplained, and usually is either operating on a lower level or a higher level.


To explain the influences of Lilith and Sedna, I used the 12th Harmonic technique. While doing my interpretation of some celebrities, I found out more about the powers of Sedna and Lilith. The cross relationship between the natal/and harmonic helps to understand the planet energy more. These celebrities embodied the energy of the two points.

The first celebrity,whom by coincidence, I’ve chose to learn if they channel the energy of these two points showed indeed that they carry great deal of Sedna and Lilith inside their cross H/N chart; this celeb is Demi Lovato.Demi lovato’s struggles are quite clear to the public. From self cutting,body shaming, mental illness, Demi Lovato had it all.


Sedna is as powerful as  Pluto when it comes to deep buried unconscious energy-maybe more powerful- Sedna people experience dark emotions on intense level; dark emotions such as jealousy, anger..etc. Sedna people sometimes are unable to express emotions in a healthy way, and repressed it deep down. This leads to complications in their mental state. Sedna works like Pluto,except its energy runs deeper that Pluto.In fact, Sedna is considered as Pluto higher octave.

Sedna Operates on a Lower Level:


To understand a different shades of a planet, the Astrologer Dane Rudhyar brought the lower level, transitional level, and higher level. These phases are the different affect of planets. Planets operating on a lower level have negative aspect on person’s growth,whilst planets operating on a higher level have a positive aspect on person’s growth.

Transitional level is a phase in between lower level and higher level. In this phase, a psychological process takes place when the person tries to reconcile with the negative energy or heal the negative energy to transcend to the higher level.

Sedna operating on a lower level leads to certain complications. When operating on a lower level in the person’s psyche, Sedna might lead to extreme rage,and violence. Sedna person expresses an intense level of rage not only toward himself, but also towards others.Sedna people are capable of inflecting great violence on themselves and others. But most of the time this rage is repressed, and channeled into the self in self destructive acts.Sedna energy like pluto is introvert, and like pluto is volcanic-more appropriate description TSUNAMI”c”- Since Sedna is introvert, rage is expressed toward self more. These person might either has uncontrollable self destructive thoughts. These self destructive thoughts could inflict health problems, or it could lead to self-cutting or bruising.

In case of Demi Lovato, Her inner rage and destructiveness took two side; physical side and health side.Sedna’s negative impact showed in self-cutting and eating disorder. Demi used to cut herself for her inability to deal with destructive thoughts about her self-image. Many problem a Sedna person faces. Sedna anger and destructive was expressed in her physical self at first, and then took health problems when she suffered from eating disorder.

 Sedna people are known for repressing rage inside themselves, and channel it in self destructive acts. Sometimes when Sedna have enough, their rage will be expressed in a violent ways; these violent ways such as: murder or such acts. Sedna is common in the charts of murderers.Demi Lovato didn’t commit murder, but she had her angry moments. Around 2010, Demi had had a physical altercation with her backup dancer. This is a case of Sedna anger channeled outwardly.

A lower level Sedna might lead to complications to with the male energy. People with a strong Sedna might have problem with men. This is due to the relationship with the father. The father could have been cold and distant; hard to get close to. The Sedna person, in future, find it difficult to have a healthy relationship with men in general. A Sedna person could end up as a victim of abuse from men. Many women with Sedna/Sun have a destructive abusive relationship with men. They find the men energy intimidating or frightening, because of the father intimidating presence and reaction.

Basically the reason to these complications is the father relationship.

The relationship with the father is noticeable in Sedna/Sun aspect. Sedna individual relationship with the father is quite significant. The relationship with the father is usually deformed. Just like the Pluto aspect, Sedna/Father is strong influence in the person’s life. The father is powerful,cold,and unemotional. The father is a private person which makes him unable to express a healthy love and affection to the child. Sedna child feels the father distant, uncaring, cold and private. The Sedna child is unable to get closer to their father. The father’s cold exterior shut them down, and keep them from knowing their father. When they grow up, they tend to draw some of their father’s characteristics. They become either cold, private or distant-keeping people from knowing them- Sedna people are, in the core, hurt and wounded by their relationship with their father- They feel like if their father cut them off, and throw them to the sea like the Sedna myth. Many complications these people undergo are due to the father relationship. Their unexpressed rage is due to the father’s unhealthy rageful reactions. These reactions don’t let a room for the child to express their rage in a good way. They see rage as a monstrous expression that will show their dark side, and makes them appear as their father.However, the relationship between the child/and the father is very strong.

Sedna people identity  lies  in the depth of the ocean, struggling to get to the sun rays and rejoice of the warmth. When it does, it will make the sea shines with diamond and pearls. In the transitional period when the person swims to the surface, many demons need to be exorcised. Demi Lovato had to go through the same thing. The first thing to do in the transitional period of Sedna is to study the father and your relationship with him. Such study will help you to understand your behavior, and reactions. Thus, your demons will be controlled and the higher state will be achieved.

“Demi Lovato on mental health reform

As the spokesperson for the national initiative, “Be Vocal: Speak up for Mental Health,” actress Demi Lovato will make an urgent plea to lawmakers on Capitol Hill for better mental health treatment in the country.”

This is a perfect example of a positive Sedna. A positive Sedna calls for psychological reformation to the better, A positive sedna are a strong psychologist who are able to penetrate the depth of issues and bring the truth.



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