Duad/12th Harmonic charts interpretation

After posting my Duad/12th harmonic article yesterday, I thought I could post another one  to show the accuracy of the 12th harmonic.By interpreting famous figures of our history, I have been reassured on the unique insights of the 12th harmonics. It explained why many people’s life were directed or focused on certain things, and why they have been characterized by certain traits.


King Henry the Eighth of England;


Our first famous figure is Henry the Eighth of England. The king who is known for his many marriages, insatiable sexual appetite, and for his religious reformations movement. After casting the 12th harmonic on the natal chart, we understand the themes above.

Partnership and Marriage :With most of his duad planets falling in the seventh house-house of partnership and marriage- indicates a life focused on marriage. His Duad Mc falls in the seventh house leading his public identity to be tied to his marriages. Pluto,Chiron,Juno,Ceres are located in his natal Descendant indicates themes such as power struggles within partnership, need for equality, wounded relationship, controlling powerful women. Not to mention his eighth house is occupied by his duad venus and node indicates focus on sexuality, troublesome relationship with feminine side and women; strong female in his life.

His kingship: With planets falling in the 10th house, house of social power, kingship, and ruling his life would be focused on this sector. His duad sun is moving to his natal 2nd house which I found very common in the duad/to natal of kings and rulers, after all the house is associated with wealth and money-it could also explains the life of worldly pleasures. His natal sun is in tie with his Duad vertex; the vertex explains our destiny and life’ scenarios.  When conjunct to the sun,the planet of rulers and kings, it indicates kingship, and rise to great positions in life. But it could leads to arrogance and vanity.

Religious Movements:  Henry was responsible for the break of the English Church from Rome and the establishment of the Church of England.His duad Jupiter-planet of god and beliefs- is opposite Duad Saturn-planet of limitations- it is configured with his natal Uranus. It indicates forceful change of
direction; meaning breaking from the church and creating radical changes concerning religious, faith structures (Jupiter/Saturn)

Frida Kahlo, Artist


The second famous figure is the eccentric, passionate, proud  Mexican painter Frida Kahlo whose life was crisis ridden leading to a tragic life. She had been known for her fiery emotions and sexual filled life which caused her troubles. Not to mention her troubling health state.

Creativity and Sexuality: Frida was indeed a sexual person,who had flings with men and women. Her creative work is memorable and admired. In her Duad/to natal, her fifth house is activated by duad planets. Her duad midheaven is in the 5th house explains career in art with the node falling there  indicates her life purpose was focused on romances, creativity and play; not to mention her ascendant-personal image- falling in her fifth house means her personal image was tied to creativity ; it is a configuration for people who are artist or viewed as an artist-the fun people- Pluto/& Venus is also there which also indicates sharp focus-obsession- with creative outlet, romance and sex. Her experimental sexuality is shown in the aspect of Mars/Ura/Node/Dsc opposite the Sun/Neptune. Frida had a strong 5th house; really strong indeed.

Tragic Life: In Frida’s natal chart, there is the combination of Sun/Nep opposite to Mars/Ura the main reason for chaotic, unstable life. The Duad MC/Node/Asc/Pluto adds to it. Duad Pluto conjunct Natal Mars/Ura creating a volcanic temper, radical life changing events, accident prone, and poor health. The picture is opposite her Neptune/Sun which is very dangerous to have; All of these are heavy planets with malefic influences that made her tragic life memorable in our memories. Her tragedy in romance is shown in the picture of Pluto/Dsc opposite sun; also Mars/Uranus configured with the Duad/Dsc/Node and Duad Venus opposite her North node leads to disappointment and instability in love life. The duad shows her tragic life perfectly. There are many things to talk about in her chart; it is just one of these charts.

Her Poor Health and Eccentricity : Frida had a poor health. the duad vertex is falling in her 6th house conjunct natal chiron (wide orb) indicates ill health, poor physical state, life concerned around one’s health. Duad Neptune rising (wide orb)  might also leads to ill physical self and accidents. Frida was eccentric, and described as a tomboy. Her duad Uranus falls in her 12th house, her mars/Uranus conjunct her duad ascendant sells it well.

I think frida’s chart needs a day of its own.

Emily Dickinson, Poet


Another tragedy is Emily Dickinson, the greatest poet of the English literature, who also hadn’t had an easy life herself. Emily was described as reclusive, shy and introvert; who  refused to shine and preferred isolation from the public. She had a turbulent relationship with her parents which lead her to a mystical and aloof life. Emily was true gentle,mystical soul. And the 12th harmonic shows it perfectly.

Life of Isolation and Myst: Emily’s duad sun  is in scorpio explains her shy, mysterious personality, but more than that it falls in her 12th house. The 12th house is the house of isolation, withdrawal and mysticism. The child with the 12th/Sun is the one whose parents send him to a private school to keep him private. Emily’s  parents sent her to seminary school at 17, the fall of 1847, where she was cramped, curbed and repressed into a tight Victorian mold. Later in her life, Emily hid away from the public in a preferred isolation where she expressed her mystical, poetic side until she died. A perfect example of 12th house Sun.Her duad Neptune conjunct her sun also indicates her mysticism and her withdrawal. Emily also had a strong eighth house, the house of mysticism and mysteriousness; which layered her personality.

Poetry: the duad Nep/Mer conjunction is configured with her Sun/Venus conjunction. It is strong indication of great artistic abilities, and powerful accommodate of the language and it is beauty. Neptune/Mercury is the sign of poetry and higher intelligence is in conjunct to her identity * the Sun. It also explains her fragile, mystical soul.

Domineering Father and a Mother who couldn’t care less: the ill father/daughter relationship is shown with the duad sun falling in her 12th house and duad Neptune conjunct her natal Sun. Her moon opposites Duad saturn indicates a burdened relationship with the mother . This aspects were the reason Emily had gone through a life of isolation and solitude.

There are many countless cases where the duad explains the person perfectly. I will include duad in my future reading of celebrities and famous figure. keep tuned up!


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