Zayn Malik, Beauty Configurations and Asteroids


He has been on my mind lately: Zayn Malik has driven the world crazy. Both boys and girls seems to fallen for the dreamy beauty of this sensational teen star.As a follower of stars-I mean celebrities- and a curious astrologer, I decided to investigate the appeal of Malik, the astrological configuration which makes him so attractive.

Venus Rising, Jupiter/Libra, Mc Sagittarius


Most astrologers will examine the Ascendant, Venus and their possible connection to Jupiter to donate beauty, grace and charisma. Yeah, Zayn have the dreamy Pisces ascendant with Venus rising in exalted Pisces which gives him appeal, beauty, charm and charisma. Neptune- The higher octave of Venus-the ruler of Pisces/Ascendant and Venus is conjunct to his Sun which strengthen the beauty hallmark.When the ruler of the first house is conjunct the sun, the person identity will be strongly tied to his appearances .Not to mention that king of gods Jupiter in Libra makes the generation of 93 interested in society harmony, balance, relationship. It donates expanded (Jupiter) beauty and grace (Libra/Venus), if Venus is strongly placed in the chart. Zayn’s Venus is in his first house which embodies the beauty touch of Libra Jupiter. Also He seems interested in forming close relationship and achieving harmony as it one of the characteristics of Jupiter/Libra with Venus in the 1st House. He embodies the traits of Libra/Jupiter generation needs for relationship. His Midheaven is in Sagittarius, the ruler of the archer is Jupiter in Libra and Venus, as I said, in the first house. He will be recognized (mc) by his beautiful appearance (venus/asc) and will gain success through it- artistic career.

Aspects and Midpoint configurations

The beauty configuration is enhanced by the beauty related asteroids. There are many asteroids embody beauty and charisma-most of them are related to a myth figure. I have chosen the asteroids I have dealt with the most. These asteroids are strong in Malik’s chart. I’ll give brief introduction to them-but I’ll try to write them in details in the future. These asteroids are 1388 Aphrodite, 2101 Adonis ,627 Charis,433 Eros ,1862 Apollo ,37117,Narcissus. Adonis, Apollo, and Narcissus are the indicator of beauty in male chart. Aphrodite is indicator of beauty in men’s and women’s charts. Charis donates charisma and grace. And Eros gives an erotic youthful looks.



Aphrodite, the asteroid number 1388, is named after the Greek goddess of beauty, love, and sexuality. Aphrodite is the cousin of Venus. Despite symbolizing love, sex and beauty, Aphrodite and Venus-to me- are different. Aphrodite in my opinion is more sexed, lustful. Many people have strong Venus, but they might not that level of beauty unless they have a strong Aphrodite. Aphrodite is common in model charts, conjunct sensitive point. Zayn’s has his Aphrodite in 3° Pisces conjunct his Ascendant. It strengthens the Venus/Ascendant configuration, and it gives irresistible charm and beauty. He has been called the Son of Aphrodite, so figure!!



The son of Aphrodite is Eros,the asteroid number 433, named after winged god of love and passion, the son of Aphrodite. For being noticeably charming,”et beau”, Zayn has been named Son of Aphrodite. It makes me wonder where is his Eros. His Eros is in 10° Sagittarius, the ruler of the sag is in venus/libra and venus is the first house makes the title well-earned. His Eros conjunct the Sun by antiscia giving him sensual, erotic, sexy, youthful contributes of the youthful winged god Eros.



Apollo, the asteroid number 1862, is named after the sun god Apollo. Apollo symbolizes creation, solar energy, art of all kind. Men who are feminine, beautiful, meterosexual are given the name Apollonian. Zayn’s Apollo is in 11 Sagittarius also making the same connection as Eros/Sagittarius. Apollo makes an antiscia/conjunction aspect with Zayn’s sun explains the comparison to a greek god. Men with Sun/Apollo or strong Apollo are handsome, solar and artistic. They are accused for meterosexuality for their good looks and manners. But they are indeed beautiful.



Narcissus, the asteroid number 37117, is named after the Thespiae hunter and the myth figure that was known for his beauty. When Narcissus is strong-in male chart especially- it bestows beauty and charm that leads to narcissism and arrogance, and vanity. Narcissus is in Sagittarius 20° parallel Zayn’s sun and conjunct his MC which makes him very beautiful and appealing to the public. But does it make him narcissistic? Maybe too much seflies.

Midpoints Configuration with Asteroids:

Before moving on to the strong beauty midpoints pictures to sensitive points. Let’s talk about asteroids Charis and Adonis,that are not strong in chart but they are in midpoint configurations.



Charis, the asteroid number 627, is named  after ” of the Charites (Greek: Χάριτες) or “Graces”, goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility” or Aglaia was the charis goddess of beauty, adornment, splendor and glory. Aglaia was a the wife of the god Hephaistos and like her she represented the creation of objects of beauty and artistic adornment. In astrology, Charis is related to charisma, beauty. People with strong Charis are artist. They lean towards beauty and harmony. Zayn’s Charis is in 11° Capricorn, Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus conjunct the Sun.



Adonis, the asteroid number 2010, is named after the personification of masculine beauty in Greek myth. Adonis also is a figure of rebirth. In astrology, it has complicated signification. Importantly, when it is strong in male chart it bestows the perfect masculine beauty. Zayn’s Adonis is in 3° Scorpio.

Midpoint pictures with Asteroids:

  • Zayn’s sun =  the Aphrodite/Apollo midpoint: Creative energy, beauty, balance polarization of masculine and feminine energy in natal chart. Artistic inclinations.
  • Sun = Aphrodite/Eros midpoint: the importance of love and relationship. strong sexual urges. sensuality and beauty. love making. Son of Aphrodite. Passionate
  • Sun= Asc/Eros: youthful looks. sensual. eccentric appearances. eroticism. . Asc/Eros picture relate to having sensual, sexed appearance and energy . the Sun- identity- is activating it, making the identity identify with that energy.
  • Sun =(by parallel) Apollo/Narcissus: Male beauty. Arrogance. Narcissism. Vanity. Male models and actors. Both of the figure are known for beauty and vanity.
  • Sun =(by parallel) Adonis/Eros: Passion. Youthful looks. Erotic male beauty. Sensual.
  • Sun configured with Charis/Aphrodite: Feminine beauty. Art. Charisma

The Venus as Boy song scream through his chart. Venus is strong and I think he is walking down the right path by using his artistic talent and beauty to make success from himself.


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