Anglina Jolie; Saturn/Sun/Neptune aspect.


Angelina Jolie is the perfect example of a Saturn/Neptune/Sun aspect. The actress who has grown to be peace spokesperson, humanitarian had a difficult life in the past. Young Angelina Jolie had gone through years of tense father/daughter relationship, self-injuring, failing romances. All of these things are explained through the malefic combination of Sun conjunct antiscia Saturn opposite her Natal Neptune.


Saturn/Neptune is a difficult combination. It would be more difficult, if it is connected to a sensitive point-in the case of Angelina- This picture relates to a clinical depression, fears, structures dissolving, mental barriers breakdown, depression, and difficult relationship with authorities, sexual perversion, and pedophiles.

When Neptune is strong, there would a lot of negativity. The structure is dissolving. Person will break limitations and society burdens and go beyond norms. A person might shock people with indecent, destructive acts as this person has no boundaries or has no notions about society limitations. Since a person’s psyche is not structured or disciplined, the person might suffer from psychic attacks and mental breakdowns.

When Saturn is strong, the person will be able to channel the energy positively. The person will build and realize their dreams on reality. They will have a vision that they can execute it. But with Neptune being structured by Saturn, it will repress Neptune’s energies . The person will suffer from depression.


6537418a8ff6e59d54d14720b7a68556Younger Jolie channeled her Neptune energies more-When we are younger, we identify more with dreams/escapism (neptune) than structures (saturn)-Jolie was a wild child.; She had said and done things that shocked people; from kissing her brother to her crazy knives’ sexual experience. She had been called by her father mentally ill. Angelina’s father was absent, and kept being absent till our days. Her Neptune opposite the sun describes the father as a Neptunian. Voight is an actor, and acting is Neptune sector. Neptunian fathers are not there for their children make it hard to build a healthy self identity- Angelina said she suffers from low self-esteem and self loathing.Angelina has never gotten in term with her father, and felt herself and her family were victimized by him. She stated she has never trusted him. It is hard to trust a neptunian parents because usually they victimize themselves or use lies to reconcile their relationship. Voight had went to the media and talked how guilty he felt towards his daughter-something a neptunian parent will do.In Girl Interrupted, Angelina channeled her Sun/Neptune in her character from experiencing the high and low, the madness, the vulnerability, and identity crisis.

b9a236254b87d0f1d4e14fa53c89ae45SUN CONJUNCT SATURN

The surprising hidden aspect is Sun conjunct Saturn. Angelina’s Sun in Gemini is the Antiscia point of Cancer, and her Saturn falls in the sign of Cancer. The Sun conjunct Saturn explains perfectly the strained and stressful relationship with father. It also indicated to the emotional upheaval during childhood caused by the father. With the Sun conjunct Saturn for a woman, the relationship with men is strained and limited. The men in her life are dead or absent. The father could be strict, and has authoritive qualities -that Angelina described her father with- The dark,gothic Angelina Jolie is channeled through her Sun conjunct Saturn. The  lustful pan is also a saturnian traits she expressed.The man for a women with saturn/sun is Saturnian, usually they choose older men. Angelina was in relationship with Billy Bob Thornton, who had a strong Saturn. Brad Pitt also has a strong Capricorn- a factor drawn Angelina to brad. Saturn/Sun hints also to the low self-esteem she said she suffered from.


I think the meantime Angeline Jolie expresses a healthy Saturn/Neptune combination. She is devoted to humanitarian works as her antiscia Saturn falls in eleventh house. She is a caretaker, and a responsible mother with Neptune in the Fifth house. She had empathizes (Neptune) with the world harshness (Saturn) and moved from the cocoon of self pity. She is the compassionate reformer. Saturn/Neptune individual are the one who suffers when the world suffer. They have a strong desire to reform structure into an ideal one.


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