Fixed Stars: Alioth; the dark horse of virgo.


I decided to write about my dark horse, Alioth. I am no expert in Fixed stars because there haven’t been a lot of intense studies on them. So I didn’t have the chance to deepen in fixed stars. We only have what traditional astrology had to say about them. Nevertheless, Fixed stars are important and usually explain events, and people. In this concise word article I’ll talk about a personal fixed star in my birth chart.

Fixed stars are heavenly objects that form a constellation. They are slow mover and take years to locate to the next degree. Modern astrologers haven’t brought new astrological definition to fixed stars, and remained faithful to the classic interpretation.

AliothFixed star Alioth is founded in Ursa Major the Great Bear. There has been debate over the fixed star’s name origin, but astrologers have agreed on the term intensely bright. But does it mean it is associated with it astrological influence? Could someone with strong Alioth be a bright, fiery personality?

Alioth is associated with mars. The position of mars in the natal chart is important. Alioth derives and defines its energy through mars. Having a healthy mars helps in expressing a healthy alioth. When mars is happily aspected, Alioth helps in asserting oneself and pursuing goals. Alioth is the fixed star of bouncing back, and rising above the struggles. It gives an amazing self determination and will.

Alioth is associated with destructive energies. Someone might express aggression inwardly which could harm the person psychology. Or it could possibly leads to expressing agression outwardly through destructive acts. Alioth deals with anger. A negative alioth suffers from anger issues. As has been said before they might repress it or channel it, but it all depends on mars location.

Alioth and the Chariot:


Alioth is associated with the Chariot tarot card– I don’t deal with tarot- But the chariot card is the best explanation of the Alioth energy.

The Chariot requires you to assert yourself and be bold. The Chariot asks you to come to terms with your own aggressive impulse. You need to be the master of your emotions and curb any impulses or anger. You will be successful at pursuing your goals, so long as you maintain focus, determination and confidence in your abilities. You must also draw upon your willpower and self-discipline. You must be determined, self-disciplined, and hard working. If you are, you will triumph over any difficulties or anyone who is trying to limit you.

Alioth resonate perfectly with the chariot card. Alioth is associated with will power, energy, determination, resilience; anger; destruction and all of it are explained by the card.

Celebrities with Alioth conjunct sun:

alioth3 alioth2alioth1 Salma Hayek

Salma hayek has shown a great determination to establish a ground for latino actresses. Although she was rejected during her acting debut, she showed a lot of will to prove herself. One of her roles that embodies the feisty, willful Alioth is her frida Kahlo movie. Salma channeled the positive energy (passion, fire, will) and negative enrgy (destruction , anger) well in frida role.


Zendaya shows off her dark horse  well, when she faces off the haters. Alioth individual aren’t the type that tolerate hatred or criticism towards them. They will speak of it. They are not afraid of standing up against bullies.

Keanu reeves

Keanu has a strong Alioth. We see the dark features, as Alioth conjunct his ascendant and Sun and Mercury. The black hair,the dark eyes are totally Alioth-ish. Young keanu Reevs expressed an energetic,goofy personality. He has mars in the elenveth house. We can see he was oriented towards friendships during his younger young- one of his famous relationship with River Phoenix- He became stable and mature during the latter year expressing a disciplined energy of Alioth.


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