Saturn Transit series, Moon/Saturn


Saturn transit has shown to be a challenging period, but also a life changing. During the Saturn transit, we feel out of our usual state. People who are not used to the Saturn energy in their chart might feel sober, restricted, limited, and challenged by life. Life becomes black and white with a bit of grey. We are pushed out of our comfort zone into the boxing arena. Saturn period are transformative, in that failure and challenges push us to learn about ourselves, it changes person’s believes around their limitations and capacities. Saturn transit are also challenging to our health. Our bodies worn out and tire out make it impossible to do the daily chore. People lose weight due to the stress. Saturn period is the best to lose weight. When Saturn makes a connection to a personal planet or point, the energy of this planet is restricted and challenged. The planet’s archetype is intensified in life; a person’s life during that period will be focused around the planet energy. I’ll speak out on some of the cases I noticed with Saturn transit

saturn1Moon Conjunct Saturn:


Death in female relatives. Moving out. Relocating. Maturing. Leaving the nest. Sickness in female relatives. Emotional burden. Stress. Re-focusing on family. Re-uniting with family . Learn how to control emotions. Emotional discipline. Depression. Crisis within home. Loss of home . Emotional crisis

Moving out and relocating:

During my moon conjunct Saturn, I moved out of the house to go to college. It was a time of emotional maturity and independence. Saturn pushes out of our nest (moon) to the world. Moon conjunct Saturn is the time of moving out, of relocating. The young lad is leaving the village to explore the world. Saturn calls out the boy or the girl to the duty of life. No more milk and cookies after school. We are trying to find our place in the world.

We move out or relocate our home during the Saturn transit. We have currently moved a lot of our stuff to our new built home. My mother decided to prepare for relocation. And that was when Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct the moon.

Death in female population

Also during Saturn transit, I lost both of my grannies. It is during the Saturn period when death or illness in female relative or population increases. The moon represents the mother and female figures, whereas Saturn represents loss, burden, death, illness. When Saturn hits the moon, there are losses in female, sorrow, or illnesses. Burden might come from female. Or a person’s will encounter a lot of women or loss contact with them.

Losing our home:

In time of war or poverty or crisis, people are forced to leave their home. It is a Saturn/moon period. Moon represents the home; the shelter above our head is taken away by Saturn, the planet of loss. It is one of the difficult scenarios that could happen during Saturn theme.

Re-focusing on our familial relationship:

When Saturn transit the moon, the person’s energy will be re focused on his relationship with his mother or his family. Due to a family crisis or death, the person will be compelled to reconnect with his family. A time a person will be asked to be responsible for his family; a responsibility that will be a burden. But it is a re awarding time to figure out about family and yourself.


There is a serious depression with the Moon/Saturn transit. Since our habits are changing, becoming limiting. Our thoughts will be also limiting, depressive. We will feel black and white towards life’ challenges. The punches will make us feel defeated and sad. So it is advisable to change your habits more into a positive ones.

Discipline Life:

Life is busy. We can’t rest, or have a cup of Neptune’s dreams. Saturn is grounding us in daily life tasks. He is the task master. It disciplines our rhythm of life. We become grounded and real during Saturn/Moon period.


We need to learn to mature in order to face life’s harshness. Our inner child, the moon, is challenged by his tough master Saturn to mature to man up. We are thrown into a jungle, and left to the monsters. But at the end of it, the boy comes out as matured man; who is reading to take life by the horns.

Saturn/Moon transit is an endless family and emotional crisis. But they are rewarding in terms we are learning about an important energy and sector of life the moon and the family.


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