what we have, and what we need

There is a constant feeling of incompleteness, feeling of longing; Longing to be another person. This “another person” expresses traits and characteristics we desire to have. These traits are usually opposite to the one we express to the world. This opposite energy, we are craving for, will make us feel complete and full. We merge with “the other person” to complete the puzzle of ourselves, to learn about that alien attractive energy. This story is of the ASC/DSC axis in astrology.


The ascendant and the descendant are two opposite houses in Astrology that corresponds with the two signs Aries 1st house and Libra 7th house. They are the first karmic relational axis to be discovered. Astrology shows us that we are not born alone, and people do matters in our life; a lesson that the 1st and 7th house embody. The signs on the 1st and the 7th are karmic, and cannot be neglected especially the 7th house sign because it is the sign we need to learn about in order to achieve some sense of completeness or self-satisfaction.


ascThe ascendant is energy we are expressing to the world, and the world recognizes us with. It is an energy we are familiar with. We feel comfortable expressing it. This energy is usually strong in our chart. The characteristic of the ascendant’ sign is imprinted in us, feels like home. It is what we have, what we own. You will meet and encounter people who carry the ascendant energy. And they will make you feel comfortable, relatable. You express yourselves in the same way, and you feel like close friends for that.


The descendant is what we need to posses or have in this lifetime. The sign’s energy of the dsc is something the person crave to have. The energy is needed in the chart for the person to feel complete. The ruling planet might be weak, or harmed, or need balance. The descendant is the alien, the foreigner to us. But they are the exotic and the most obsessive energy ever. We dream to be our descendant sign. A person who carries the energy of the descendant will excites us, dazzles us, makes us feel uncomfortable because we can’t stop examining him/or her. They are alien to our energy. And their energy is what we need. It makes us obsessive about them. A self-discovery will be experienced through this relationship. The descendants are the exchange student, the alien friend. They are the teacher we need to complete a life task.

A LEO Ascendant/AQUARIUS Descendant:

I am a Leo ascendant with an Aquarius descendant. In the Leo energy, there is a need for public admiration, the need for collectiveness, a social person, a person of status quo. With the Aquarius descendant, we need to break free from the public. We don’t need their acceptance in that we are a misfit, and an outcast. We are eccentric and genius. Our creativity passes the present moment, it is futuristic. Aquarius is the rebel, the independent sheep.

I always felt the need to be a rebel, to be independent, and to be self sufficient. I need that zealous energy of Aquarius to move forward from the public pleasant Leo. I encountered many Aquarius and I find them fascinating. Their eccentricity, their freedom, the way they express themselves without filter is what I need.

It was fated for me to have an Aquarius descendant-as it also fated for everyone to have the dsc signs- Our descendant sign is fated for several reasons. There are indications in my birth chart that I need the Uranian/saturnian energies. I have Uranus square my node there is a need to reconcile with the uranian energy in this lifetime through connections; usually this connection with uraniun people who will help deals off with tense square of the Uranus/Node square.

My Uranus is squaring my MC/IC axis it means that the house/public environment is of uraniun energy. The parents are eccentric, could be unpredictable. The person might feel unsettle which requires an appointment with an Aquarius therapist.

People with strong Uranus in their chart; either Aquarius sun/moon/ascedant/personal points, or Uranus aspects to sensitive point, will be have a strong affect on me and will help deal with the troubling Uranus energies in my chart.

You see now that the dsc sign is fated for it helps us either to heal the planet ruler harmed energy; to deal with the challenging aspects to the dsc planet ruler. It is destined because we lack that energy in our chart. We need it so we can fulfill a karmic lesson.

When a planet is in the descendant:

When a planet in the seventh house, That planet is significant in a person’s life. The individual might have lacked the planet energy in their lifetime, or it is weak, or damaged, for example: a person has mars in their seventh house. This person could lack self assertion. Or in his lifetime, experienced the negative energy of mars-violence,wars or disruption. It is karmic lesson for the person to look for a partner who helps him to learn how to assert his will, or to heal the negative Martian’ energy. I will demonstrate this in my Marilyn Monroe chart.

Tell me what is the sign of your descendant? is the ruling planet strong,weak, or unbalanced? do you lack the energy of the dsc in your chart.

I’ll try to write the ASC/DSC of each signs when I have time.


4 thoughts on “what we have, and what we need

  1. what we have, and what we need | Scenes of futures past

  2. This is a really good post and I appreciate the deeper insight it gave me. I actually wrote a post that is similar to this just today but it sounds amateurish compared to yours! Maybe you can read it sometime and give me a critique 🙂


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