Unspoken Connection

tumblr_inline_ni4mttQodR1t6hh1aAstrology tells us about the kind of people we are going to meet in our life. The relationship we have with them is shown through the connection between personal planets and points. But there are some people who don’t make any aspect to a personal planet/point in our chart. These people seem to show in our life strongly and affect us tremendously. Most of These strange connections fall on a degree. A degree seems to be repetitional. It seems like an alien degree to us because it doesn’t relate to any theme in our chart. But it does.

Usually this alien degree that shows a karmic relationship between two people is the Antiscia degree. Antiscia is not a strange term to practiced astrologers. But newbie to astrologer might find it hard to understand Antiscia- I did anyway-

Introduction to Antiscia:

Antisicia degree is the mirror of a natal degree, the shadow of the degree. Each zodiac signs have an antiscia sign. There are two of them: Antiscia, and Contra-antiscia, but I use Antiscia and neglect contra antiscia because I haven’t noticed their influence. To figure out the antiscia degree, we use The Capricorn/Cancer axis and points equal in term of distance on the opposite side of the cap/cancer axis. And for the Contra-antiscia we use the Aries/Libra axis to figure out the contra antiscia point. Don’t get confused too much and let software do the work for you.

This a graphic for the antiscia for each sign


Here are the degrees to know where your antiscia point falls :


They are not energy:

The antiscia points are not energies. Being a Leo sun, for example, and having a Taurus antiscia doesn’t mean that you’re sun will be influenced by the the Taurean energies. But they do explain a lot of matters. Only conjunction and opposite are considered in the natal/antiscia comparison. Antisicia planet house placement also matters. I use antiscia in my reading. I think they are helpful in understand things that the apparent aspects cannot explain. It is rare to find an astrologer who uses them in readings, but I do consider them.

Antiscia and karmic relationships:

karmaantiscI decided to write this article, after I had done a comparison charts and noticed something odd. I always attract this people whose planets and points fall in a certain degree, while in my chart these degrees aren’t strong. I was reading an article about Whitney Houston in which the astrologer tried to explain hidden aspect that Whitney had in her chart. Those hidden aspect were the antiscia, and through that I was introduced to antiscia. Thanks to Solargod fire that offers antiscia option, I was able to cast my antiscia points. Then I found that my antiscia degree were on the same degree of these people’s natal degree. And I understood why I was also attracted to a certain people,

for example: I encountered many people of 19, 20 degree libra. This degree is opposite to my sun 9° degree virgo (20° aries).

Strange enough I have Asc in Leo in 6°. I didn’t meet a lot of people with this degree; maybe only two who had a close sun conjunct to my asc. But I meet a lot of people who conjunct this natal point and have natal degree 23° Taurus conjunct my antiscia asc degree in 23° Taurus.

Only Conjunction and Opposition:

There has been no prove that the other harmonic aspect works in comparison charts, whether they are a natal /natal, or a synastry. Only conjunct and opposite are considered and proved to be authentic aspect. I don’t recommend considering square of antiscia point to a natal point. When you compare a chart of you and another person, only take conjunction and opposite into account.

Antiscia in Houses:

Antiscia planet should be also taken into consideration because sometimes we might fail to determine the influence of a person on another, or we might fail to determine a person’s interests. You might friend someone who has his sun in your 10th house-expressing qualities that you want to posses in your public image. But this person will also have his antiscia sun in your 1st house- this person will express energy familiar to you. You feel comfortable around them.

Explaining “familial “relationships:

The common aspect to indicate a relationship between parents and children is the moon conjunct asc. I tried to find if I shared this aspect with one of my parents but I didn’t. The asc of my father was in 20° Capricorn, but surprisingly the antiscia of my moon – 5° Sagittarius- is in 25° Capricorn conjunct my father’s natal ascendant. The antiscia helps to shed the light on hidden relationship aspect.

Maybe in the next article of antiscia I’ll talk more of antiscia hidden influence in the natal chart.


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