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sunTo start off an astrological blog, the sun and the moon are the best introductory because astrologers, or people in general, when reading natal charts, the first things they look for are the signs the sun and the moon occupy, the degree, the placement within the natal map- I do that-There are many articles talk about the functions of the sun and the moon within astrology. But I’ll try to explain the sun and the moon depending on my self-observation.

Like within a vehicle, the sun and the moon are the engine; without it a car cannot move. The planets (venus,mars,mercury…etc) are like the accessories contribute to the function, but it all comes to the engine. If it doesn’t work, what follows will lose some of their functions. To explain further: Mars is important in term it gives energy to shine our sun, to assert our identity. The sun, and the moon-plus the ascendant- shape the psychological foundation of the native. I heavily focus on the Sun and the Moon in my readings because they represent the person’s complexity, desire, family background.

Parents and the Sun and the Moon

babyThere is a relationship between the sun sign and the moon sign and the parents. People underestimate the influence parents have on their psychological self mainly because parents are not so cool. I, like everyone else, ignored my parents for so long and moulded myself in endless depression and illusion. I couldn’t understand what was going. I have the sun square moon aspect-I was born during the waxing moon- with Virgo sun and Sagittarius moon. It represented a lot of challenges. My actions were deliberated so was my energy. My habits and emotions hindered me from progress. And no matter how hard I tried to flip the pot around I couldn’t. I was depressed. This was imprinted in me and I couldn’t do anything about it.

With time, I have started to notice my parent’s behaviours, something I was oblivious about .For so long I refused to believe I resembled my parents or I relate to them because I was caught in their tug war at a young age. I denied myself to be emotionally associated with them. But when I hit puberty, things have gotten worse with my mood. I tried to look for a solution, and it was my parents. I have seen how I resembled them much in their traits, in their behaviours, sometimes in their neglecting, aloof self. Thanks to them, I was able to control my sun and moon square by reflecting their pattern of behaviours on me. If you have a challenging moon sun connection, I advise you to study your parents. Analyze their behaviours, their reactions to situations, and you’ll see similarities with yours. By that you could dust the legacy out of your shoulder and build your own personality.

parentsThe sun sign and the moon sign describe the temperament of your mom and dad. I am a Virgo sun. I have a father who is very critical, judgmental. He carries the virgoan type. He is a hard worker and dedicated to servicing the public. He works as the head of province. My mother traits and behaviours explain my moon in Sagittarius. She was a teacher, and Sagittarius rules teachers. And surprisingly she taught French; languages are Sagittarius domain. And surprisingly I ended up like my mother, choosing teaching career-Hence that my moon is stronger than my sun because I was born during waxing phase-The aspect to your sun and moon aspects gives up the behaviour of your parent that you inherited. My father is a self indulgent, a person of the big picture, so I ended up with sun square Jupiter.

If your father is an intense, secretive, man of power, you are likely to have a Scorpio sun. Or you have a sun/Pluto aspect. And that is the case with the mother.

We leave our mark and who we are in our children. They carry our legacy.

The Sun and the moon relationship with the whole chart

e2395a9283dc48cd5baf67ed2d611451People believe that the rest of the chart, whether it is a harmonious chart or not, is told through the relationship of the sun and the moon. Because a healthy parental relationship leads up to a healthy self. It could be true. I have the tense square sun and moon. There other indications that supports this aspect. I have mars conjunct forth house which means wars at home, constant fight between parents. One parent might be a Martian. But I think that stressful sun moon aspects doesn’t doom the chart or indicate the person will have a stressful life. It is up to the positions and the aspects of planets during that time of birth to determine whether the person will have a challenging life. A stressful moon phase- or sun/moon- will be a challenge in term of balancing the two energies, and its influence can’t surpass that.


moonphaseWhether the person is introvert or extrovert is determined by the moon phase or the sun/moon aspects. There are two moon phases: the waxing moon, and the waning moon.

The waxing moon is when the moon light is increasing, surpassing the light of the sun, Moving from the new moon to the full moon. This moon phase is the birth of a new life. Naivety and childlike innocence marks the individual. We are building and learning, but not yet there. The person born during this phase is introvert with a great focus on inner life. Family matters a lot and this people are focus on their emotional life. They are creature of habits. They are lunar, living under the light of the moon. The southern section of the birth chart might be centre of focus with the part of fortune falls there.

The waning moon spins from the full moon to the new moon. The northern section of the birth chart is the strongest, as the part of fortune falls there. And it amplifies to an extrovert individual. They are sociable. Their focus is on the public, and they are comfortable with the public. The moon light is decreasing, and the sun rays are increasing creating a solar individual.

I have read in some websites the waxing moon is the extrovert .Well that’s the case for the new moon people who display a solar character, but still they swing both ways from an extrovert to an introvert. From what I noticed, when the moon proceed (placed before) the sun sign the person is an extrovert but when it is placed after the sun sign the person is an introvert.


moonPeople relate more to their moon sign than their sun sign. We tend to channel our moon sign energy more. I had a roommate who had an Aries sun, Leo asc and a scorpio moon. I expected someone fiery and extrovert due to the strong fire elements, but I was surprised by the lack of it. The Scorpio moon power surpasses both the sun and asc. Even people, when you ask them, they’ll tell” you are more of your moon sign”. Humans are all creature of habits. We are entities of emotions, the reason why we express our emotions more than our deeper self the sun. It requires a lot of self regeneration and transformation to be able to cut through the moon energy and express your sun. People express their solar energy, when they aren’t caught up in their habits: when they are able to process their emotions and control them.

Re-define our path:4cab32fd742c869abf3a09a23d8dba75

We have seen who we are. We reconciled with family legacy. We understood our motivations, our pattern of thoughts and habits. We came to know how to control our emotions and assert our will. We have known our limitation and capacities. Now we need to re-define our path. We are choosing the path that fits our capacities. We were away from the light of the sun and the moon. We are walking underneath them. We know who we are. By understanding our Sun and Moon we know what choices we need to make in life that will facilitate the path.

Keep tuned up for more Sun and Moon articles. There is a lot to talk about.


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