Marilyn Monroe told by the stars.

I wrote before on Astrologyweekly forum about the antiscia in natal chart. I went back to repost my post here. I had Marilyn Monroe’s natal chart in my chart case and I decided to cast her antiscia chart so as to explain the tragic life that she had. The reason I have done Marilyn’s interpretation because her story is fascinating, a worldwide mystery.


“The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up”

MARLYINCART1LILITH AND MARILYN: To start off, Marilyn embodied the Lilith theme in her chart. Lilith is sitting on her ASC. She wasn’t afraid of showing her own skin, but that lead Marilyn, many times, to be criticized for her sultry, sexy self image, mostly by woman who founded her repulsing, and dangerous. Men found her highly attractive and embodied the perfect image of a woman, but yet they also feared her. Marilyn was disowned by the entertainment industry for that specific reason; exiled or rejected by Hollywood as Lilith was disowned from the heavenly power and casted away. Despite all of the rejection, Marilyn didn’t disown the Lilith energy but kept projecting it the world. She kept her independence and didn’t conform for the  image  that time of period had for women. She was untamed.

“I am out of control and at times hard to handle”

the freedom moon

90370ab11a469cae6fbcd25e13fa5a85Lilith was not the only indicator for the necessity of freedom. Her Aquarius moon supported her need for freedom. She didn’t like to be tied down. She had many marriages and flings, but none of them worked. As the Aquarius energy needs space to explore, to be itself, marriage didn’t support that. She expressed the Aquarius amiability and warmth also eccentricity in her looks, the blonde platinum hair, the look… The opposition to Neptune indicates that she was a loner and needed to keep it that way, lost in Neptunian Sea. Commitment would have mean grounding and reality she didn’t want to. She want to be a free Neptunian creature. Neptune/Moon desire intimacy but they also relent from it

Marilyn mother’s:

“She was delusional, and she heard voices from electrical appliances. She was antisocial and unable to express any emotion, except anger.” Mona Rae Miracle.

mothenptuI have said before in my “Artemis,Apollo diary” article. The parents usually embody the characteristics or the archetype of the signs of the luminaries. Her mother was eccentric, anti-social and delusional. Those are the downside traits of the Aquarius energies blending with the opposition of Neptune in 22° Leo. And it seems fated for Marilyn to have an Aquarius moon inheriting her mother’s traits and the opposition to Neptune explains her mother psychotic tendencies. I recommend also to read my article What we have, and What we have to understand my explanation. She had the moon in the seventh house. When a planet is in the seventh house, the individual might have lacked the planet energy in their lifetime, or it is weak, or damaged. Marilyn had a damage moon- hence her relationship with her mother- It is karmic lesson for her to look for a partner who helps her to learn how to heal her moon or make her learn about the moon. She lacked a healthy emotional self and she repressed her emotions.

The Antiscia/Natal Chart


The Artist:

“I want to be an actress. I want to be an artist. I am qualified, and I want to prove it.”

500d7169d332f89b8af262d62320934fMarilyn wanted to be recognized as artist. In her Natal/Antiscia comparison, she has the ASC/MC combination with the Antiscia MC falling in the natal first house conjunct to Neptune and vice versa. The personal energy (the asc) is blending with the public image (MC). I think this combination could be found in the chart of successful people, the use of one identity for the benefit of one’s career, the use of appearance in order to achieve success.

Neptune/Asc/Mc explains the choice of choosing a career in the entertainment industry. It is the need to be associated with everything that is Neptunian (movies/arts/media) in both personal image (asc) and public image (mc). She wanted to be associated with acting (asc), and be recognized by the world as one (MC). She channeled the alluring mix of glamour and vulnerability in both of her ASC and MC. Neptune is the glamour, the mysterious, the vulnerable.

The combination of the moon/Jupiter/Neptune is also a strong indication of the artist. We have big amount of emotions (moon/Jupiter) needed to be channeled into a form of art (Neptune).


The Wounded Artist:

Marilyn tried to be prove she is qualified to be an actress. Her Antiscia MC/CHIRON is conjunct to the natal Neptune. The Mc/Chiron is for someone who tries hard to find his place in the world, to be recognized and acknowledge by their achievement. But Marilyn didn’t have that. She was constantly wounded by the public for her efforts to be respected. With the Neptune conjunct the Mc it is the combination of the artist-but also for someone who is trying hard to establish a public identity- With Chiron, Marilyn was wounded because she wasn’t taken seriously as an actress (Neptune/mc) or was wounded because she couldn’t establish herself to the public.

The mother again! wounded Persephone/Ceres.

“For years, Marilyn publicly claimed that her biological mother, Gladys Mortensen, was dead. In fact, the difficult truth was that Gladys, who suffered from a terrifying mental illness, left Marilyn at a very young age to be raised by foster parents while she bounced in and out of sanatoriums for much of the movie star’s life” closerweekly.

mother-mariyln-monroeMarilyn was clearly wounded from the mother side. I have explained before how her moon in the 7th means that the moon’ energies in her life is lacking or damaged. In the antiscia/natal comparison, Marilyn’s Chiron is conjunct Ceres on the 10th house, the house of parents. Chiron in the 10th house also indicates a troubling, wounded relationship with parents. The great mother, the care taker, the mother/daughter theme in astrology (Ceres/Persephone) is conjunct Chiron which means she had a wounded mother/daughter relationship. She had difficulty nourishing herself, or heals her emotional side. This aspect supports the 7th house moon and Aquarius moon.

Saturn/Lilith in Marilyn Monroe Chart:

saturnlilithAntiscia Saturn opposite natal Lilith is indication of abusive parents, as indicated by Kingsley from Astrology by Kingsley. It is a strong indicator that Marilyn went through indirect or direct abusive relationship with authorities figure. Her antiscia Saturn is in the 7th house opposite Lilith means that she would go through relationship that will channel those past abusive experiences. With natal Saturn in the fourth house- burden in home, abusive or dead parents- is opposite antiscia Lilith in the 10 house supports the abuse from authorities.


The solar energy:

d8d00f168ee9fc77cd44feec5b183c84Marilyn was a true solar goddess . She has the sun god, Apollo Leo on her first house projecting a great solar energy to the world. With the natal sun conjunct the antiscia north node means that she will be focused on creativity, on expressing her solar energy, on her identity. Antisica south node is in the 5th house explains the need for creative outlet such as singing, acting, or romance.


Natal Sun conjunct Antiscia Pluto :

19a56d41e74ccc87478d63c03b9cfbeeMarilyn had her natal Sun conjunct antiscia Pluto which means a life of crisis, upheaval, and transformation. Pluto-sexuality- is expressed through Sun-identity- she identify with sex, money and power. She encountered powerful personality such as Kennedy. Antisica Pluto in the eleventh house supports that she will friend wealthy, powerful people in her lifetime. PLUTO/NODE “life of transformation through chaos” is conjunct to her Sun. She had to experience a lot of upheaval so as to shed the light on her identity. It is the combination of self empowerment and powerful will that use either to gain fortune or to destroy oneself.


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