Anglina Jolie; Saturn/Sun/Neptune aspect.


Angelina Jolie is the perfect example of a Saturn/Neptune/Sun aspect. The actress who has grown to be peace spokesperson, humanitarian had a difficult life in the past. Young Angelina Jolie had gone through years of tense father/daughter relationship, self-injuring, failing romances. All of these things are explained through the malefic combination of Sun conjunct antiscia Saturn opposite her Natal Neptune.

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Fixed Stars: Alioth; the dark horse of virgo.


I decided to write about my dark horse, Alioth. I am no expert in Fixed stars because there haven’t been a lot of intense studies on them. So I didn’t have the chance to deepen in fixed stars. We only have what traditional astrology had to say about them. Nevertheless, Fixed stars are important and usually explain events, and people. In this concise word article I’ll talk about a personal fixed star in my birth chart.

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Marilyn Monroe told by the stars.

I wrote before on Astrologyweekly forum about the antiscia in natal chart. I went back to repost my post here. I had Marilyn Monroe’s natal chart in my chart case and I decided to cast her antiscia chart so as to explain the tragic life that she had. The reason I have done Marilyn’s interpretation because her story is fascinating, a worldwide mystery.

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Unspoken Connection

tumblr_inline_ni4mttQodR1t6hh1aAstrology tells us about the kind of people we are going to meet in our life. The relationship we have with them is shown through the connection between personal planets and points. But there are some people who don’t make any aspect to a personal planet/point in our chart. These people seem to show in our life strongly and affect us tremendously. Most of These strange connections fall on a degree. A degree seems to be repetitional. It seems like an alien degree to us because it doesn’t relate to any theme in our chart. But it does.

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what we have, and what we need

There is a constant feeling of incompleteness, feeling of longing; Longing to be another person. This “another person” expresses traits and characteristics we desire to have. These traits are usually opposite to the one we express to the world. This opposite energy, we are craving for, will make us feel complete and full. We merge with “the other person” to complete the puzzle of ourselves, to learn about that alien attractive energy. This story is of the ASC/DSC axis in astrology.


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