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Jupiter in Sagittarius, Node in Cancer, and New Moon in Scorpio (7th nov) Rituals.

As I am writing this article on the 6th of november, there is a new moon on the horizon in a scorpio which is quite important at the current period of time with Jupiter and Node will be shifting signs to Continue reading “Jupiter in Sagittarius, Node in Cancer, and New Moon in Scorpio (7th nov) Rituals.”

Taurus November 2018 forecast

The wrath of Uranus might be already perceived, and many Taurus individuals are witnessing a major shift in their reality during the month of November as indicated by the tower card, which brings about awakening and liberation. Some taurus have finally awakened to the reality around them and some old aspects of who they are have painfully died. The ten of swords is a painful death and an ending which occurs on a mental and a spritual level. Change is coming and the Hermit asks you to step away from the lim light and introspect who you are.

Uncovering the Disturbed, Charles Manson and Astrology


If Astrology with its different methods had been perceived  as an almost “psychoanalyst” approach in exposing the inner functioning of our psyche, then it might be worthwhile to invest these astrological methods in answering the question which had intrigued the masses over history “what makes someone a criminal?”. Our religious heritage dictates the trespassing of  Continue reading “Uncovering the Disturbed, Charles Manson and Astrology”

Capricorn Archtype, the Devil and Materialisim


The devil exists not, but the physical world, in its overcoming sensations, the infinite lust for physical power is the devil itself. To mull over the existence of the devil as a being, it shall be the question for those whose faith undertakes scrutiny. The primary pursuit here consists of establishing the connection between the Capricorn Archetype and the concept of the devil.

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Tarot Scope from the 15th to the 30th of July

Hello dear followers and readers,

I would like to share my new youtube channel in which I conduct tarot reading for all the signs of the zodiac monthly. Tarot had been fascinating for me since images considers to be another language to unlock some of the deepest aspect of who we are and unravel emotions we failed to mold in language. Thus, I started learning tarot to learn more about the language of images and symbols to dig deeper into who I am. And I would like to share with you such journey.


Uranian Astrology: Zeus/Kronos and leadership

astrolkronIn these up-coming series of articles, we will be exploring Uranian Astrology and the meaning of  each Trans-Neptunian planets. We will also examine the connection between trans Neptunian to each other and to personal planets in the birth chart, and the powerful effects it results on the individual’s life. In the first attempt to study Uranian astrology, I decided to uncover the meaning between a repetitive pattern seeing in the chart of world leaders and presidents. This pattern,I am referring to,is the Zeus/Kronos aspect.

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