Uranian Astrology: Zeus/Kronos and leadership

astrolkronIn these up-coming series of articles, we will be exploring Uranian Astrology and the meaning of  each Trans-Neptunian planets. We will also examine the connection between trans Neptunian to each other and to personal planets in the birth chart, and the powerful effects it results on the individual’s life. In the first attempt to study Uranian astrology, I decided to uncover the meaning between a repetitive pattern seeing in the chart of world leaders and presidents. This pattern,I am referring to,is the Zeus/Kronos aspect.

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Understanding Aries.


In this series of articles, we attempt to explore the importance of each signs in Astrology and why its existence matters. And by asking the question what if Aries existed not? we are exploring what imbalance caused by the absence of this sign. Therefore, its importance.

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the triumphant king


Hail! the king on the throne; triumphant there the sun shone

Hail! the king on the sun; crowned with ravens on the crown he worn

Hail, with death on the heart of mine; here to transcend

the lake running deep with the lovers of mine;

Hail! I, I, I. Triumphant, Pure, to stand on the decaying flesh of love

Hail! the triumphant king, the triumphant king , the triumphant king.


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Sedna in Astrology and Demi Lovato


As a learning astrologer, trying to understand each planet’s role is pivotal in understanding the person’s personality, but there are planets and points whose ambiguity plays on your frail nerves. Such points and planets are very vague in their functions; usually they are the newly discovered. One of these newly discovered planets and points are Lilith and Sedna. Lilith and Sedna are well known modern insertion to astrology. A lot of researches have been done them, still, I find them ambiguous(as many of you do to). So I had to do my own research.

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