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Gulika, Recognize your Misfortune & Master your Karma, Vedic astrology


The practice of Astrology cannot be done in a disassociation with the understanding of karma, misfortune and fortune. A cosmic law or order dictates the existence of duality between good and evil, fortune and misfortune to sustain a universal balance; however; it is our subjective upsurge that destabilizes such balance. The earthly pursuit to experience ultimate fortune and good karma and discarded or defy bad karma or misfortune. But if it is actualized, an even great misfortune is encountered. Vedic astrology has been long frowned up or abandoned for its seemingly negative interpretation or fatalistic views. But such attitude or approach indicates a misunderstanding of the core of the Veda, and that is as much as good must exist, evil also has to exist, for our existence is not unitary but dualistic, there are the fortune and the misfortune, the elite and the outcast, the rich and the poor, and all of these inherently sustain life in a interchangeable way.

The concept of Gulika envelopes such understanding of karma and misfortune in which a denial of the reality constructs or the physical limitations, the non acceptance of it, and the forcible act to change results in a great misery, misfortune and frustration.

In understanding the concept Gulika, one must be entrenched in the Hindu myth and culture. The Myth of Gulika can be found in the Tamil folklore. The myth of Gulika narrates the story Ravaana and his association with Saturn or “Shani”. The story goes as following: upon the birth of Ravaana’s son indrajat, Saturn or Shani was in the 12th house or bhava and such position considers to be malefic and influences the life of the individual born in it a negative way. Ravaana however determine to change his son’s fate; forced Shani or Saturn to shift to the 11th house which is auspicious and fortunate. Saturn actually did, but he kept his leg in the 12th house. Angered by this, Ravaana chopped Saturn’s leg, however, Saturn’s leg fell into the first house of Indrajat, Gulika was born, and as a result Indrajat died at a young age suffering short lifespan.

There are many lessons to be learned and actualized in our reality from the Gulika myth. The Gulika myth teaches us about individualistic upsurge to alter one’s fate or limitation in a forcible way or a violent way which consequently to our actions being fired back at us in much grave or dangerous consequences. In our karmic mapping or natal chart, we are “cursed” with malefic position which are destined to be, and never to be changed, to sustain a cosmic and a universal balance, and if there is an attempt to do so, there are dangerous results to be endured. The lesson in the Gulika myth is to acknowledge your limitations and your bad karma, accept these limitation and attempt not to force to defy the, the more we defy our destiny or limitation, the greater the misfortune would come our way. Thus, Gulika in astrology is a point where we fail to come about awareness to our karmic path, and in the process of changing it in a forcible way, we bring more destruction to ourselves. For example, if someone has Mars in the 12th house, they might sense the limitation of such position since it is malefic, and they hate it, these people might use medicines or energizers to get through the day or suffer from chronic fatigue or lack stamina. They feel distressed, confused and cursed for such position, but in fact, if they accept it from an objective standpoint and discard their subjective understanding of it, they bring to the forth a cosmic objective view to life, and consequently, gain their balance again.

Gulika has a deep connection with Shani, in fact, it was born out of the Saturn’s energy or his leg. And Saturn is known as the planet of servants, slaves, the poor and those who lives on the margin of society, or the lower class of the social hierarchy. Saturn also deals with physical limitations and material limitations such as poverty, illiteracy, and disabilities, or disfiguration, and also carries an underground/underworld theme of filth and dirt. When we are trying to combat Saturn’s limitations, it brings to us Gulika such as in the myth, and we suffer more. For example, there are people who are born in deprived life conditions: poverty, illiteracy…etc. Most of these people might try to change their fate in illegal or forced way by illegally migrating to other countries, but most of them end up dying or being killed. As much as unfortunate this is, this is the lesson of Saturn. Saturn knows not emotional pain or suffering. He aspires to teach endurance and transcendentalism through the acceptance of reality and the attempt to changing it by rising above it not escaping from it or combating it because the pain would get even harder.

In order to calculate Gulika in your natal chart, you have to refer back to the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra text in which a detailed calculation is put to the forth, but the calculation can be also done automatically through the Jagannatha Hora software. It is noteworthy that Gulika is not an actual planet or a material planet such as Mars or Mercury, but is a hypothetical planet or known as a satellite which can only be seen through psychic eye, and felt through the psychic self, and exists in the psychic world rather than than physical world similar to the Uranian planets in Western Astrology.


Our first case study is going to be of course Donald trump. In his Vedic birth chart, Donald was born a a Taurus sun 29, Moon in 28 Scorpio, and Rising is in 6 Leo, and most importantly his Gulika is in the sign of Gemini in 15th degree. The sign of Gemini is ruled by Budh or Mercury, and the term coined to Mercury in the ancient vedic sutra texts is “the speech giver”. Thus, Gemini deals with speech, words, communication and anything that has to do with the media, Therefore, Gulika manifesting on Gemini denotes misfortune and malefic in terms of speech and communication. A person with Gulika in Gemini might suffer from speech impair, bad communication skills, being misunderstood, loss of hearing and speaking, cognitive disability, ill speech, but Gulika in Gemini would manifest on different levels, but in the case of Donald Trump, there are certain attributes to be noticed and which are: hate speech, inflammatory language, and the idea of him being misunderstood by the media. It appears that Gulika in Gemini affects Trump’s language, his speech and use of words but in a negative way which consequently brings him much troubles, controversy and misfortune which might lead eventually to his downfall. Another important feature of Donald Trump’s Gulika is that it is in conjunct with Venus in a wide orb and such conjunction signifies misfortune (Gulika) with women and marriage (Venus). It is a failure in marriage or love, multiple unsuccessful affairs and break ups, misfortune with women in general. And this has been the case with Donald trump as he had gained a considerable amount of hatred from women during his presidency. And not to mention that Gulika is in the 12th house in Gemini meaning that one’s own speech and words might bring him private enemies (the 12th house hence rules private enemies). Thus, Donald Trump seemingly is a bad communicator with women and always encounters misfortune in his relationship with them due to his language. Gulika is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is in the 11th house of Donald trump and Mercury is in the Aradra nakshatra (Nakshatras are the subdivision of a sign into sections) and this Nakshatra ruler is Rahu or North node which in turn is in conjunct with Donald’s Sun. The Sun/Rahu conjunction is in Mrigashira Nakshatra which is ruled by Mars. The Mrigashira nakshatra centers around the myth of Orion, or the one whose actions always lead to conflicts. Orion was known as a brave hunter who once raped a girl and then was turned blind by her father. After he gained his sight, Orion would join Artemis the goddess of hunting and becomes a hunter himself. However, Orion promised to kill every living animal and beast on the earth, and this has angered Artemis which led her to kill him. The Myth of Orion symbolizes a reckless, fiery and a macho attitude found in the Mrigashira nakshatra and always leads the individual to facing grave consequences for their impulsive actions. Donald’s Mars falls in the Magha Nakshatra or the Leo sign and it is known as the throne nakshatra, the majestic, the powerful and the ancestral. Mars in this nakshatra means the concept of strength and masculinity in Trump’s mind is passed down to him by his ancestors or his forefathers, his inherent power on the material world is traced back to his powerful lineage. Thus, Mars in Magha fells entitled to the throne or to their prize because they come from a powerful lineage or they were promised power by their forefathers. As a result, his Gulika in Gemini is colored by these nakshatras and which denotes a Gulika that has violent or harsh speech, reckless and impulsive use of language, arrogance shown in one’s own language.


The second case study which will be explored here is Elizabeth Taylor who had Sun in 14 Aquarius, Moon in 22 Libra, Lagna in the 14 Socprio, and Gulika happened to be in 25 Libra, and Gulika in Libra is similar to Donald’s Venus conjunct Gulika in the sense that both of them denotes failure in marriage or love, series of affaires and breakups, and misfortune in love. Libra is the sign of balance, beauty, love, and tranquility, and it is ruled by Shukra or Venus, and the planet Venus governs the semen (potency), the bedroom, and fertility. Thus, Gulika in Libra would encounter misfortune in love, finding balance, and in the affairs of the bedroom, and coming in terms with one’s own sexuality, beauty, and balance. The moon in the traditional texts represents the mind and the moon as the representation of the mind the primary quest is to achieved the peacefulness of the mind or the tranquility of the mind. Thus, Gulika a misfortune energy in Libra conjunct the Moon would cause disturbance in the native’s mind and in the case of Elizabeth Taylor, love, romance and sex brought her distress and disturbance to her mind. Gulika conjunct the moon indicates the disturbance of the individual’s mind and being plague by misfortued or one’s own mind is always dwelling on misfortune, and Liz conjunct is the Vishaka Nakshatra or the Scorpio nakshatra which means two branches having connotation with love as seen in the love story of Rudha and Krishna. Vishaka is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is in Cancer making a square aspect with the Moon which indicates an extravagant lifestyle, over indulgence and a strong libido which as the case of Elizabeth seen in her love of jewelry, fine things, and multiple love affairs. However, one of her Jupiter’s most prominent characteristic is it is the Ashelsha Nakshatra known as the Serpent or the Snake nakshatra. Shelsha means “more than enough”, but Ashlesha means “not more than enough”. Thus, such nakshatra indicates insatiable hunger for more and more, and it is never satisfied with what it has but keep on devouring, and the symbol of a coiled snake indicates someone who clings into relations, people, wealth or materialistic things. Liz an Ashelesha individual had been known for her collection of jewelry and her multiple affairs, she held tight to her wealth and was possessive of the men she loved, but in the process it brought her misfortune, she had gone through multiple divorces, lost a husband, and underwent  near death experience symbolized by the snake transformative energy. Her possessiveness over her exes, poisonous and scorpionic feelings in the matter of love, her inability to transform these feelings brought her great misfortune.

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